Waffle Wax

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This large waffle wax melt has over 60 hurs of burning time, simply break off as much or as little as you like.


These are available in most of our scents are the perfect gift idea 


We only use 100% eco soy wax and we are a Vegan & Cruelty free Brand


Any more messages then please just ask


Scent names 

Angelic - Angel (Thierry Mugler)

Rush - Gucci Rush

La Belle - LaVieEst Belle

Madem - Chanel coco mademoiselle

Savage - Dior Sauvage

Snow Fairies - Lush Snow Fairy

Dark Opium - Black Opium

Greed - Creed

Aliens - Alien 

Zoflo - Lavender escape - Zoflora

Zoflo  Mountain Air - Zoflora

Zoflo Springtime - Zoflora

Zoflo Country Garden - Zoflora

Zoflo - Linen Fresh - Zoflora

Unstop fresh - Unstoppable fresh

Unstop lavish - Unstoppable lavish

Awaken Spring - Spring Awakening Lenor


if the scent you wish for is not listed then please just drop us a message

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